Soon this World Becomes Village and turns out to be Multiculturalism

Every culture has its own importance.

Nepal is a country .i.e full of cultural diversity so as other countries. Yes this world is becoming a global village. There’s debate in cultural appropriation but to adopt the correct path shown by any culture is what this world is asking for. Which will be later on called as multiculturalism.

What I have learnt till now is: every culture teaches us to respect one another. None of the culture has taught us to disrespect. It is us who are creating gap between various cultures and separating loving human being from each other. When we are being brought up in this kind of environment then what can we expect from it. Instead it doesn’t matter to accept positive aspect of any culture and no need of hesitation to leave negative aspect of our own culture.

In near future there will be only one culture that consist of positive aspects of every culture.

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