Smart Phone that has more space than computer: Is coming soon in Nepal

Smart Phone developers and producers are adding exclusive and specification in their phone. They are working hard so that they can make best smartphones. Among such best smartphones, Huwaie P 20 is also going to join.

News that spread before revealed that there are three main rear camera. Recently new features has been realeased. According to news this Smart phone will be having 512 GB inbuilt memory. In another word we can say that smartphone users will be carrying computer in their pocket.

Till now maximum inbuilt memory phone was of 256 GB . So 512 GB storage of Huawei P 20 will be the first smart phone with high storage capacity in the world. This phone contains 6 GB RAM.


If Huawei will be able to bring this kind of phone then it is believed that other smart phone producers will also follow the same trend. Last year Apple launched FACE ID features which later on was followed by others smart phone developers. LG is the first company to introduce technologies full-Screen display in smartphones. These days even low budget smartphone includes this features.

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