Smallest Computer of the world Invented by IBM

World’s Smallest computer.

American company IBM is planning to organize conference Think 2018. The program is going to be held on five to five concepts where various gadgets and technological equipment that changes human lifestyle within coming 5 years will be presented.
According to news size of this computer will be a piece of pearl. This computer size is of 1mm both length and breadth. Talking about its cost i.e. just 10 cents.
Before there was the smallest computer size 2mm both length and breadth.
Half size of this computer will completely change technological era claims IBM.
If you are questioning about performance and another capacity then be sure its stamina is very high and can beat lots of computers.
Thousands of transistors are being used in this computer. Internal memory including battery, chip, processor, Ram as well as on the basis of LED one communication unit and photodetector is also attached.
Performance of this computer is high because it includes all above mentioned digital devices. Further plan of IBM is to invent even smaller the computer than this.

This computer will be used in supply chain management and other work as well.
Regarding name and price of this computer. The company hasn’t stated anything.

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