Seti River of Kaski District is getting Polluted and Authority is still Silent

The Night when heavy rain starts to fall at Chainpur dam the sleep of all family member of Mr. Kailash Jharendra Khadka gets snatched. Not only should his family, all the families that are living around the bridge of Pankot go through this situation. All the bottles that are thrown into the river when strikes with one another they produced a huge noise and even a sleeping man wakes up with fear.

Jharendra hasn’t calculated how much bottles/glass flow in front of his house. But he guarantees that all the bottles/glass that has been occupied in the market uses the same dam in order to mix up at Seti River. He says “This is one of the dams which are used as a wastage flowing dam. All glass bottles and wastage gets collected here.”

Waste that arises from Jaya Prithivi Municipality market doesn’t have an appropriate disposable place. So, everyone’s wastage disposal place is Seti River and Bahul Guard. “Almost everyone throws their garbage either in Seti River or in BahulGuard”. At last “wherever they throw Seti River is Polluted.” says Santosh Singh.

As singh Said along with capital Chainpur flows Seti River and on the bank of BahulGuard glasses and wastage are scattered everywhere. All wastage that is collected from the surrounding is also disposed at same Seti River. Wastage within municipality used to be disposed at near bus park area but few months onward they are using Seti River as garbage site. “Everyday collection wastage mostly consists of glasses,” Says Driver of waste collecting Vehicle Mr. Padham Thapa. “Other bi-products get burnt but glasses they don’t.”

Glasses are even at the Source

Seti River is situated at the height of 5000 m at a Place called Kalanga. Basically, hotels that lie between Dhuli and Khopa which were open targeting for the traveler to Kailash Mansorbar and Herbs Collectors are the main factors of Seti River Pollution. All kind of wastage either decaying or not decaying is piling up at the river. The same river is used by more than 4 dozens of hotels as wastage disposal site and in the scarcity of water, the same river is being used for utilization of water. In spite of all these, seti river has got chance to mix up with drainage of toilets as well.

“In absence of alternative source in the scarcity of drinking water people are in the compulsion to drink the same water,” says one of the owners of hotels Mahima Tamang. “There is the possibility of solving this issue but only one’s hard work is not enough to make Seti River free from pollution.” ┬áHe added. “If we can use the various method of recycling, reuse and other pollution controlling measure then of course source can easily be managed.” However, River is one of the easiest places of the waste disposal site.

Since the geographical belt is tilt all the bottles/glasses gets collected to seti river. Since the area from Talkot to Deura is plain all bottles/glasses pile up here. “Where to throw such glass? If we throw on land it is risky but if we throw at the river it takes away” Says Mangal Bahadur Khadka of Khaptad Channa Rural Municipality.


Lower belt of Bajang, Doti and Baitadi people are still using that source for drinking water. The capital city of Bajang Chainpur people the main source of an alternative to drinking water is Seti River. Chainpur people use water of Seti for their household purpose and they also throw all glasses, plastics and other wastage at Seti.

Chainpur is the place where scarcity of water remains even in rainy season. Taps run out of the water so its normal on using water of seti river to Chainpur people. But since the river is getting polluted day by day so as the problem is arising. A few years ago it was possible to bring water from seti river and drink But these days if we drink without boiling then we suffer from diarrhoea.

Local people complain “Using water also has invited various skin related problem to local people, If we bath from this water our body gets itching. Various infection and wounds are being seen but it won’t used be like this few years earlier.”

District Health Office statistics show that in fiscal year 2072/73 there was around 10 thousand water infected unhealthy people but it has reached to around 19 thousand in fiscal year 2073/74.

2074 Falgun data shows that around 10 thousand people were suffered from the waterborne disease. Among them Typhoid, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis E, dysentery, Diarrhea are very common.

The danger to Enter to River

Seti river is also the place for swimming. Since glasses are increased it became the danger to swim. Those who go for swimming are becoming injured. Seti river is also famous for Trout Fish. It is also a famous river for fishing. But some area is so densely polluted that we can’t get any fish. This has created disturbance in a chain system of aquatic living beings.

Not only that much people are becoming injured and wounded from those glasses even in their field. The river brings glasses to their field at the time of irrigation.

According to water Specialist Dr. Dipak Rijal, if we go on the polluting river like this ecosystem of water, will be dead. Polluting River is a crime.

Controlling is Zero

The local level authority hasn’t shown any interest in controlling such pollution. There isn’t any department for this. “We don’t have to worry about seti river. There isn’t any worrying condition yet.” says the head of the municipality Mr. Birendra Khada. “Maybe someone is using it as wastage site. Soon we are launching awareness program,” he added.

With Reference to Nepal Magazine.



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