Road to my Home:Dusty when it’s Sunny and Muddy when it’s rainy.

My understanding about development is that it is a positive change. Yes I do believe that positive changes brings negatives vibes with it as well. Place where we have been living is getting developed. Roads are being broadened. But in the name of widening normal road is disturbed and it changing its appearance. It looks like as if responsible authority has made Holocaust as Hitler did at his time.

Yes people are getting engaged. Roads are being extended. Business of that place is growing. Humans as well as other resources are being utilized, values of lands are growing. Soon there will be availability of each and every goods and services. It’s the best part and they are beneficial on long run.

Although there is benefits on long run effects on short run should also be taken into consideration. Privilege is given only to road. Road Extension Authority forgets that same road is used by Nepal Telecom, Nepal Electricity Authority, Kathmandu Khanepani, Various ISPs, and Drainage including other also. JCB hits road all above mentioned gets affected. All services are out for more than a day. It reminds as if you are in 17, 18 th centuries. Updating one development infrastructure is ruining as well as disturbing other infrastructures. Currently I faced similar types of problem. JCB hit water pipes water flowed over the road for more than 2 days road full of mud. A bus stuck in between and you have to make a circle to reach your place. Huge loss of time.

Soil are left as it is. If it rains roady is muddy otherwise dusty. We can stop moving our hand from here to there but respiration system is beyond our control. We can stop breathing only by external means. Willingly or Unwillingly we are complled to invite those dust to our lungs. Reponsible authority’s care towards these subject matter is a damn. Environmental aspects isn’t given any norms and values. People think as if they won’t live here and they wont’ have to face this kind of environmetal effects. But they are unknown about butterfly effects.


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