Renowned company are leaving Facebook: Worst time for Facebook

As soon as there was leakage of news that Facebook used personal data of its user without any authorization during the American presidential election campaign in 2016 Facebook was under disputes. In this case, Zuckerberg accepting its mistakes has apologized to its users.
Because of this carelessness of Zuckerberg renowned company are leaving Facebook.
Following Tesla and Space X other company also decided to cut off its relationship with Facebook. Elon Musk CEO of Tesla company has deleted his page and company’s as well.
Mozilla Internet Browser also stated in one of its blog posts that. It is going to stop its advertising for some time. Although it hasn’t deleted its page from Facebook. If Facebook improves its security and maintains privacy then Mozilla has signified to be active.German Bank Commerzbank has also stopped to advertise on Facebook and is worried about its data.
Sonos that is popular for Speakers and other electrical devices has taken back its advertisement from Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Twitter.
This tasks may be for a temporary time period. It is the worst time for Facebook. This week Facebook share price is declining at 14%. Delete Facebook campaign and maintaining the gap with Facebook has created the worst time and there’s isn’t the situation of any improvement.
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