My View on household chore got Published on The Himalayan Times

Today My article on Cleaning, cooking shopping for groceries, washing—the list of household chores never ends and we are always doing one or the other, or all of the things. What are your favourite and most hated household chores and why? How do you handle your least favourite Chore. Illustrate. got published on Today’s The Himalayan times. What I wrote you can see below.

My favourite household chore is to buy vegetables to cook at home. Usually, I return home at 5:00 pm when I see fresh vegetables on my way back. I prefer relishing new taste. My least liked household chore is cleaning. I hardly involve myself in cleaning. When the family members are not available and are unwell, I have to clean and have no other option. However, I try to skip the cleaning duty. I remember a chapter that I read during my Bachelors: ‘If I had a wife’. Even gent can put some effort  along with women for household chores. I love my mum and dislike watching her indulging alone on cleaning. I am 26 years old and my mum is 56 years old. Therefore it is my duty to look after her and help her to do the chores.
— Ananta Poudel

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