Love, Sex and Smart Phones: Shut up your phone before your love takes a turn

In my opinion there are only few numbers of people who do not use smart phone these days. These smarts phones have made our life easier in one hand whereas in other hand it has made our life more complicated. Various benefits and disadvantages are there.  Here now I would like to state my view on how smart phones are being used in love and sex life that has turned love into distraction, depression and increasing suicide cases.

Recently few days ago one of my friend came to me and said; “hey can you help me?” I wonder what the problem was. Slowly he started telling me that his video has gone viral over internet. Then he wanted help from me to stop that. I am IT graduate so it was obvious he wanted help. Then I realized how many people like him are wanting help from friends like me. These kinds of videos are getting viral day by day. He was only one of the victims. I helped him as much as I can.

Today’s generation what they think I don’t know. Love means sex for them. Every couple wants to have sex and make their video and want to keep as memory. I would say bullshit to them. Some memory lasts or suits best to be in your memory inside brain not in your memory card inside your Smart phone. Some thing in life are personal and private as well. Sex is your private thing then why you expose it to the world? You intention is not to expose but you never know the future. Basically, it will effect both male and female. If you are married couple then it matters you but not that much as you are just a couple but unmarried one. In-spite of this, female one will be more effected than male ones. We talk about feminism but still our country and society on practical world is male dominant society.

If your video gets viral then what will be its consequences have you ever imagined about that? I hope you have never imagined that. What will be your image in society? You have to be ashamed of your act. Perception of society towards you will totally be changed. These kinds of act will now draw you towards depression, anxiety and many mental cases as well. Some of them even commit suicide. In order to stop such things what we can do? Of course its your life you can enjoy it but be careful and try to keep your personal memory in personal department not in file folder of your smart phone.

On November 5, 2012 Hindustan times has also published that Smartphone use ups risks of unprotected sex among teens. (Click on link for more details ) which states that “Smartphone use increases the likelihood of being solicited for sex on the internet, and having sex with an internet-met partner among teens, according to new research from the University of Southern California.”

I have attached video you that clarify you more.

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