Kids Playing Football flashed back my childhood Memory

Today while walking around my village. I saw these kids playing football. The world cup is running.  When we were kids we also used to play football like these kids. Weather won’t’ used to be taken into consideration. Rain or Sun we just used to play. At that time a football used to cost around Rs 125 whose value was around 5 to 7 hundred Rupees today. We used to collect money from each player and buy a ball.

Once we were playing football and unfortunately, I shot and the ball went to shurb which was full of thorn. There used to be a tube inside that football and that tube used to cost Rs 50. I hit the shot so, I was the one who should bear that loss. So, I forcefully picked out Rs. 50 from my father’s pocket and paid to the football owner. From that incident, we decided to follow collection method.

These kids today playing football really made my memory of awake. I have attached their video as well.

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