Internet service providers, their services and reviews in Nepal

ISPs in Nepal

“In Order to complain that Internet is not working I call ISP neither they Response nor Internet starts to work.” Says Saloni Shrestha(23) from Maharajgunj Kathmandu. She has been using internet from provider SUBISU but she is not satisfied with its service. You have to log in daily if any day you forgot your username then you were away from internet. It was very hard to find problem even you conduct troubleshoot. Although log in system has been disabled by Subisu but still customers’ problem are not sloved. They aren’t satisfied with its service.
Payment system of SUBISU is also not satisfactory. Users are not facilitate with their account information may be. So at the last of each month subisu interrupts your connection. You have to call company everytime and notify that you have made payment is one of the problems of subisu which most of the customers including saloni are suffering from.
Subisu website was hacked a year earlier. At the top the website it was written “Hacked by subisu pidit”. He has clarified stating that he was so much distracted by the service of subisu so he hacked its website. Eventhough site was recovered after few days it couldn’t run smoothly. It’s not the right way to take revenge but customers are fedup with its service so what they do?

Sulochana Gautam of Dhungeadda(27) has also similar kind of story with her ISP. She is user of Via Net. “Yes Speed is slow and you arenot getting proper service that’s the bonus” She complains. When she faces problem she calls customer sercive of vianet and gets reply “All Techincal Teams are busy right now. We will call you later ourserlves.”Later on neither reply comes nor internet runs.

Customer Conservation ACT 2054 is also responsible for slow internet service states customer right investigation’s leader Madhav Timsina. Rules and regulation making council’s procedure for protection of customers’s right and responsibilities’s is not satisfactory. Numerous rules are made but only few are implemented. It is seen that ISP and other service oriended companies are not being monitored. “It can be said that there aren’t any techical people in coucil. In absence of these technical personnel how can monitoring company monitor and satisfies its clients.” says Timsina
WorldLink comes at First while listing ISP’s of Nepal. Nepal Telecom ADSL Internet Victimised cutomers were benifited by Worldlink some how. But these days worldlink users are also depressed by its services.
“At first few problem used to arise. Nowadays internet run for 1 hours and stops for 4 hours.” Subarna Shrestha of Lalitpur expresses his depression. He has upgrated his Speed from 10 Mbps to 50 Mbps. But his dream to use internet of high speed remained as dream only. “They say 50 mbps but speed is not even 10 mpbs.” said Shresth showing speed results. Akwadly result showed 7.6 mbps.
In Worldlink App when problem arises you can register and complain via ticket. Recently, Ticket that has been created are being cancelled and worldlink representatives are unknown about it. “At the time of installation they promise you to send people for service. But even if you call for 5 times they won’t send any one.” states Subarna.
Via Net, Worldlink, Hons in coordination with IEP TV are providing Net TV facility as well. But their sercice is not qualitative. Most of the time runs out on buffering. If we ask ISP they point out the mistake of Net Tv. Both blame one another for accusion but both don’t even try to provide service to their Clients.
Another common problem of all these ISP is that they don’t have toll-free number. “Phone bill that you have to pay gets higher than that of internet you are using from that company” Says Saloni. Your phone is transfered from department to department for complain. She decided to change her ISP as well. As she started to search for information regarding ISP she found almost every ISP with same problems.
We can find many complains regarding ISP. One user updates his status “ADSL Stop now SUBISU Started” Simlarly another User writes “All Dogs are same”.
If we compare our country with mobile internet speed then Nepal falls on 122 th Position. In Fixed BroadBand its positionis 89. Bandwith is bought from TATA and AIRTEL of India and distributed here in Nepal. User are increasing due to which this banwith capacity is not able to handle such internet requests. Recently Nepal is buying Bandwith with China as well. This step has breakdown the monopoly of Indian Internet market but it is also not enough speed.
Internet nowdays has become one of the basic needs. Even it is slow consumers are compelled to bear its slowness. There are around 100 thousand Million SUBISU users, around 80 thousand Via Net and around 200 Million Worldlink Users. In order to increase their users they launch various packages and offers But Unfortunately, they aren’t able to provide services accroding to their offers and packages. Customer Department head of Worldlink says “We listen to complains of our clients. We are also ready to bear sclodness but everytime it not our fault. There may be problem in server as well. Consumer should understand this.”
Himalayan Online Services (HOS) is providing maximum speed of 25 mbps. CEO of this company Mr. Harihar Bhandari has been listening to complain regarding to internet speed where he finds out mistake of consumers rather than that of companies. He sys”Most of the users apply for home plan and use it as business plan. And blame us.” But consumers are not ready to accept that. “It takes time to open a webpage. How can we use as a business plan?”
What is the solution for all this? Timsina says, “In accordance to Service Providing Company Cosumer Protection act is not fruitful. There aren’t any expertise as well. Consumer also drop their complain only on Social Media. Everyone being aware if we complain to authorized office this problem will get solved”s

On the basis of my readin an article published on magazine called Nepal.

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