How first Cell phone look like? History of Cell phone. It has been 45 Years

We wonder how long has it been that Mobile phone came into existence. It has been 45 years that wold was called with cell i.e. Mobile phone. April 3 was the day called to world from cell phone. It is the most important part of history in the Mobile phone as well as the evolutions in the world of telecommunication.

Scientist of Motorola Company Marty Cooper in 1973 April 3 called his rival at AT&T’s Bell Labs from the streets of New York City for the first time.

Name of the Phone is Motorola Dynatech. It is the first commercial phone based on Motorola ProtDynatech.

ay’s world is the cell phone with light weight andĀ  smaller one but that time phone would weight 1 kg and 100 gm. Its body was 13 cm and Length was 4.45 cm . It look like a brick. One LED Display was introduced.

In terms of Charging it would take 10 hrs to get fully charged and it’s call time was 30 minutes. Talking about Battery it was five times greater that today’s smartphones battery.

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