Helping Each Other in case of necessity is real Worship

Today there’s debate between Government and Transportation Committee. Transportation Committee has pinned their syndicate in our society. We were compelled to travel on their buses. The government has taken a step to end that syndicate. This is the right time we support our government to end it. If we can’t do it now then it will become as hard as rock breaking process. We Nepali faced Earthquake, we didn’t even shake at the time of blockade. We were helping each other. All of us waited more than three days just for 3 liters of petrol. This shows we have patience. If we can continue this patience in present scenario then we can overcome this syndicate problem as well.

A real worship is to provide service to needy one rather than worshiping God.¬†Helping others really makes us feel good. We feel as if we did something great today. Anyhow, we have to go to our office or attend our job daily. Usually, while traveling we are alone. From today lets travel with other let’s help them.

One of the forms of helping is sharing your route in social networking sites. People without a smartphone these days are very rare to find. Whenever they are bored they use it and if we let them know information about the route then both of us can take advantage and help each other. There’s a group called carpool Kathmandu¬†on facebook that can be used for spreading information. We can see lots of people posting their routes and information over there. It can be one of the best platforms.



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