Google preparing to launch mid-range smartphone for its customers.

Google has been presenting Premium price flagship specification pixel range smartphones. In near future, Google is planning for something new. With desired code name Google is preparing to launch a new model mid-range series Android smartphone. HTC has also desired Branding some years ago.

Google in order to increase sell of the pixel it has recently bought a certain portion of HTC mobile engineering department. According to Chinese Blog, Qooah Google will be using Snap Dragon 700 series processor. Recently on Flagship pixel release snap Dragon 800 series processor.


Desire Series smartphone will be operated through Android Go Operating system. Last year company announced Android Oreo which was made for those smartphone having to ram less than 1 GB.

Before inventing Pixel smartphone google use to bring mid-range Nexus Smartphone. Google now again is developing relationships in order to reach medium customers.

On last October Google released Google pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. In these smartphones, Google has included highly qualified technicians.


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