Glimpse of attending Dahi Chiura (Curd Beat Rice) Program at PashupatiNath

I am from Poudel family and we have a program of eating Dahi chuiura at Pashupati Nath Temple. Dahi chiura means curd and beaten rice. History goes like this.

We had a group of people leaving together forming GUTHI. Guthi is a group of people combing of Family members. We are all together 17 families including Poudel and Gautam . Before there was land offering in the name of PashupatiNath. Family of Guthi used to cultivate rice there. After harvesting there was system of offering that crops to Lord Shiva at PashupathiNath. In that system all members of group went to pashupati and have dahi chiura over there. In this way that system is transferring from generation to generation. So I also got chance to attend.


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