Enjoy Beauty of Nature From East of Lalitpur: Lakuri Vanjyang

This photograph was taken by Mr. Bisam Gyawali one of my college friends. I want to praise him on his photography. This place Name is Lakuri Vanjyang. It is around 21 km east from Gwarko i.e. Lalitpur. It is at the height of 15-1600 meter. Pictures explains more about the view rather than my words.

This place is especially famous for picnic. It is also famous for Hiking. People are using this place for cycling as well. Every Saturday it’s crowded. Among those features one of the best features is that you can view sunrise. After walk about 10 to 15 minutes you can reach tower and enjoy the view. Kathmandu valley as well as Himalays can be seen. Everything is Ok but road to reach over there is quite rough. Halfway is satisfactory but halfway its a bit difficult.

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