Its Monsoon Early Morning turning to Darkness

Some pictures of early morning from my house. Monsoon has started. Rain is on its way. Water is being poured. Cultivation of paddy farmers is in hurry for plantation. Here are some pictures    

Helping Each Other in case of necessity is real Worship

Today there’s debate between Government and Transportation Committee. Transportation Committee has pinned their syndicate in our society. We were compelled to travel on their buses. The government has taken a step to end that syndicate. This is the right time we support our government to end it. If we can’t do it now then it…

All leaders are same all around the world

नेता गिरा रे ……….. Posted by Nisheeth Pandey on Friday, October 13, 2017 Today I was checking my fb and found this and posted in my blog. Every leaders around the world are same. Listen once of course

Rani Pokhari Before and After : What will be next?

Most disgusting part of Neplease people (I am also Nepali still) are they do work without proper management. I think we are lack of visionary leader. If we had such kind of person then it won’t get wasted I mean Rani Pokhari won’t get wasted. They would first check if there was possibility of making…