Seti River of Kaski District is getting Polluted and Authority is still Silent

The Night when heavy rain starts to fall at Chainpur dam the sleep of all family member of Mr. Kailash Jharendra Khadka gets snatched. Not only should his family, all the families that are living around the bridge of Pankot go through this situation. All the bottles that are thrown into the river when strikes…

Kids Playing Football flashed back my childhood Memory

Today while walking around my village. I saw these kids playing football. The world cup is running.  When we were kids we also used to play football like these kids. Weather won’t’ used to be taken into consideration. Rain or Sun we just used to play. At that time a football used to cost around…

Three Phases of Life in a single pic

This picture really touch my heart. All three phases are shown in this picture. We have to pass all this phase in your life. Child to young to old. Life cycle is shown so nicely. All are busy in their own world.

Its Monsoon Early Morning turning to Darkness

Some pictures of early morning from my house. Monsoon has started. Rain is on its way. Water is being poured. Cultivation of paddy farmers is in hurry for plantation. Here are some pictures    

Helping Each Other in case of necessity is real Worship

Today there’s debate between Government and Transportation Committee. Transportation Committee has pinned their syndicate in our society. We were compelled to travel on their buses. The government has taken a step to end that syndicate. This is the right time we support our government to end it. If we can’t do it now then it…