Bathroom: You go to be Clean but carelessness may make you injured

Most vital place of our daily life which we have termed it as Bathroom. Due to small careless, these bathrooms are becoming the causes of death.

Nowadays the rate of people being injured in the toilet or bathroom is increasing. None of any either hospital or police have kept any statical data related to bathroom case. Bathrooms are located in the shaded area, Shampoo and soaps are not cleaned properly, slippery floors, use of slippery sandals, going to the toilet in sleep are some of the causes of the accident in the bathroom.

Head injury is the major cause of the people who fall at the bathroom and die. Falling in the bathroom not only causes spinal injury rather it invites various other injuries likes lost of eyesight, broken teeth, hand, leg, as well as there’s the high risk of miscarriage.

“While excretion our blood pressure fluctuates and even in this state there are hazards of the accidents,” says neurosurgeon Dr. JagdishPrasad Agrawal. Due to postural Hypotension, most of the patients of blood pressure fall down on the bathroom. Heart surgeon also claims that a heart attack may occur during excretion.

A similar case happened in Samakhusi. Bihari Regmi (76) was found out to be dead sitting on onboard. Everything was normal, Bathroom windows were open, Neither shoes nor tiles were slippery.

In America Yearly around 40K people are hunted by the bathroom is published on the research paper of American Epidemiology.

In order to be safe in bathroom Toilet bathroom should be kept clean, dry, rough and in case if you even fall down then there should be less destructive type model bathroom. Another thing is that we shouldn’t let old people go to the bathroom alone and if we send then let them not to use any lock.

Who are in High Risk?

Women: During Periods and they spend lots of their time in the bathroom washing clothes and the pregnant woman have frequent urination so they are also at high risk.

Children and Old People: Due to physical weakness and unbalance in their steps they are also at risk.

Medicine intake: People who take medicine feel huddled so they may fall down.

Who drink: People who drink alcohol are also in danger.

Heart and Diabetes patients: During excretion blood pressure may fluctuate that may cause accident

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