Where does Animal Right Exists in Nepal? In website or in Reality?

Few days ago I was traveling from Pokhara to Kathmandu. I got chance to take this photo and while taking this photos and videos my eyes were really full of tears. I wonder what would situation be instead of buffalo if there were homo-sapiens. Animal also have their right. They are also free to live. Yes they are domestic animals which doesn’t mean that they should be treated very as you like. There are so many organizations established for animal rights but what are those organizations doing these days while this kind of incident is happening almost every day.

Animal Rights in Nepal? Where it is?

While searching for animal rights in Nepal I found this

This world is a common playground for all the living beings. Balancing the ecosystem for the protection of animal rights is the need of the hour. The existence of countless species of animals is under serious threat while many of the species have already vanished from the surface of the earth.
As the existence of one animal species is connected with others, the sheer existence of life on earth is under threat. Consciousness among humans for the protection of all animal species is essential. So, let’s extend our love to all the animals that roam this planet.
Let us all work together for the protection of animals. Let’s stand up and work together for animal rights and end the age old tradition of abusing other species for human benefits.



Please ignore the sound. 

I agree with this that balancing ecosystem for the protection of animal right is not only the need of the hour. Need of the hour is to create awareness so that animals do not get abused for personal reason. I have added various pictures and videos here you can see also how human being are exploiting animal rights. It has explained as if animal right is not only for balancing ecosystem but also to protect it from being extinct. The have called everyone for loving animals but why aren’t they taking action against such type of behaviors that is being seen these days. Next thing is update about website where is update post are from 2014 AD what happening in 2018 AD all of us are unknown. Better not to publish website but once if you have published you better update.

Please ignore the sound. 



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