Why should we getup Early? What says our Hindu Culture?

Eastern philosophy has described human three condition conscious, dream and subconscious. Conscious is the state where all body parts are active and working effectively. The activity you do while you are in active state and dream it while sleeping is dreaming state. Conscious state is taken as a vital state in human being. It is…

When will Concerned Department look after it?

I walk this road daily. Its my round trip track. I am happy that road expansion process is going on at Lamatar-Lalitpur section. Shifting of pole also falls under that process. In that name of Shifting leaving all the wastage after shifting is not the completion of the process in my opinion. I wonder when…

Dashain Festival: Lost on own World

Standing in front of a shop. Many People are passing by. Watching their faces, made me realize some are in hurry few are slow but every one’s face seems to glow.   Facebook Comments

Loneliness is binding us with seriousness and capturing us.

Rapid Urbanization, Too busy and Internet has affected Mentally in all age group. A girl leaves in an Apartment with her husband. She works in one of the NGO and everyone respects her at the office. She has a harmonious relationship with her husband as well. They have also planned for the baby soon. Viewing…

Bathroom: You go to be Clean but carelessness may make you injured

Most vital place of our daily life which we have termed it as Bathroom. Due to small careless, these bathrooms are becoming the causes of death. Nowadays the rate of people being injured in the toilet or bathroom is increasing. None of any either hospital or police have kept any statical data related to bathroom case….